This is the first and most important Pillar of Wealth. Without adequate protection, you will be vulnerable to the nasty effects of one or more chance misfortunes, which will cause you to suffer unnecessary and tremendous financial losses. Our planning helps to reduce the negative impact of unplanned misfortunes and ensure that your lifestyle remains unaffected as much as possible thereafter.view more >>

The second Pillar of Wealth analyses your general financial health, such as cash flow and debt position. A net positive cash flow with no overcommitted liabilities is considered healthy. We will advise you how to effectively manage your cash flow and suggest ways to reduce, or avoid, unnecessary borrowing.view more >>

The third Pillar of Wealth drives you towards meeting your long term financial objectives through accumulation. In Singapore, the two most common needs are Retirement Funding and Children Education Funding. We will help you develop a realistic and achievable program to meet these needs.view more >>

The fourth Pillar of Wealth maximises the growth potential of your assets. We help you develop an investment program that is appropriate to your unique situation, yet will grow at a rate you desire. With the help of our proprietary tools, you stand a better chance of enhancing your investment return, thereby fulfilling your long term financial dreams.view more >>

This fifth and final Pillar of Wealth looks at preserving and distributing your estate. The only certainty in life is that it will not last forever. We will help you develop an effective and efficient estate plan so that your legacy will be well preserved and distributed according to your wishes.view more >>

  • Wealth Protection
  • Wealth Maintenance
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Wealth Enhancement
  • Wealth Distribution

Dennis Chia

Financial Advisory Manager
MAS Rep No. CCX100071130

My Specialities
  • SME Solutions
  • Personal Financial Advisory

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About Me

Educated in Life the last 36 years in various industries and positions, I finally found my calling 7 years ago and joined the Financial Advisory. I was certified in Living without a financial plan until 7 years ago, then everything fell into place.

I spent a good 25 years of my life climbing, and stumbling, the corporate ladder in various MNCs, mainly in the Airfreight and Logistics Industry. Now I am climbing my own ladder and running my own life.



My Specialities

I have encountered many people in my work life, both within and outside of Singapore. They include CEOs, Senior Management of big corporations, Cargo Handlers, Warehousemen and Truck Drivers, Secretaries, Admin Personnel, Environmental and Hygiene Workers and more. I have learnt to work with them, and learnt from them too. That's life.

A) SME Solutions

1. Fleet Management
2. Commercial Risk Management
3. Liability & Indemnity Management
4. Marine Cargo & Bailees Insurance
5. Security Bonds
6. Employee Benefits & Retention
7. Management Succession Planning

B) Personal Financial Advisory

1. Dying too young - Family needs to continue Living
2. Living too long - Growing Old with Dignity and in Comfort
3. Should Something Bad Happen between 1 & 2
a. Protection against High Medical Bills
b. Living Expenses when you are unable to work or recovering from an illness or accident
4. Love Ones with Special Needs
5. Distribution and Legacy Planning

I do not work alone. I have a Team of experts to help me engage with you at all levels, both Internally & Externally.


Awards/Recognition received
  • Financial Alliance Quality Class (Eminence Class), 2014
  • Financial Alliance Quality Class (Merit Class), 2013, 2015