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Zoe Phua

MAS Rep No. PSK200177812
Senior Financial Advisory Manager

My Specialities

  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Children Education Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Business Succession and Continuity Consultation

About Me

Zoe has been in the insurance advisory services industry for close to 3 decades. With her experience and conviction that life insurance is a miracle product, she has served and built her client base diligently over these years. Her clientele comes from all walks of life.

Her credentials are built on the many accolades and awards she has received over her years in insurance advisory services.

She strongly believes in wealth accumulation, as the concept of compound interest works best for individuals when they start saving early and regularly.

Armed with passion and concerns for client well-being, she has guided her clients to benefit from her advisory services.

Her foresight on planning early for retirement, or rather, being financial independent, has certainly benefited her long-term clients – now they are enjoying their retirement instead of having to retire from their enjoyment!

Simply put, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”


Financial Alliance Quality Class (Prestige Class)


Financial Alliance Quality Class (Eminence Class)

2014 – 2015

Million Dollar Round Table

  • Diploma in Life Insurance
  • Associate Financial Consultant (AFC)
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